Laura Callin Bennett
Turning Star
India ink and acrylic on paper
4" x 6"

This is an original design, drawn with traditional drafting tools (compass and protractor), not a computer. I am interested in creating designs that look biological, like diagrams showing the structure of some imaginary creature. At first I drew patterns with bilateral symmetry, since that is how many living things are organized. They looked a bit like Rorschach inkblots. It was easy to look at them and see human faces. I wanted to make something that didn't look human. With this design, I tried a different tactic. I started with the radial symmetry of things like flowers and sea urchins. As the work evolved from sketches to the finished design, my interest in Celtic knots "came out of the woodwork" and strongly influenced the drawing. The result was a formal, floral, turning star design.

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